[columns indent=»33″] [column] [img w=»169″ h=»» align=»left»]http://clinica-ibip.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/isabel.jpg[/img] As a dental hygienist it is her task to help those people who present periodontal problems, eliminating the factors (plaque, bacteria) which provoke and sustain periodontal disease.

Dr. Fernando Franch Chillida
Dra. Laurence Adriaens

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Isabel Arranz finalized her studies as a dental hygienist in the centre for professional education of Adema in 2010.

As a hygienist she is member of the Spanish Association of Periodontology (SEPA: Sociedad Española de Periodoncia y Osteointegración).  This gives her the opportunity to stay updated about new studies and developments which are taking place in the field of periodontology. 

It is her duty to help those people with periodontal problems, helping them to enhance their dental hygiene using adequate instruments to eliminate plaque and bacteria which incite and sustain periodontal disease, as well as to show the patient how to use the toothbrush and other possible devices to clean more difficult or inaccessible areas in an effective way.

Isabel is participating in continuing education courses in the dental hygiene field which are organized by prestigious organizations such as the Spanish Association of Periodontology, SEPA.  Through these courses Isabel is able to keep high standard quality levels when performing periodontal treatment on a daily basis as well as to treat her patients in a efficient and individualised way. [/column] [/columns]